Student Responsibilities

  1. I will practice my craft daily. Musicianship is a muscle that needs daily conditioning and stretching.

  2. I will (with my parents) work to create a productive and consistent practice schedule that fits into my daily routine.

  3. I will use my music journal as a guide to assist me during home practice sessions.

  4. I will arrive on time to class with the necessary materials.

  5. I will keep my materials neat and organized in a binder, sheet music hole-punched & double-sided.

  6. I will complete my assignments within the week they are assigned.

  7. I understand that performing is an important part of studying music.

  8. I will participate in every studio showcase for which I am available.

  9. I will remember that making mistakes is part of learning music and while I strive for perfection, simply making improvements is an accomplishment I can be proud of.

  10. I will take pride and joy in the music I create. I understand that every artist is on their own journey and we are not all at the same place in our experience. I will support and encourage my fellow musicians as they pursue their artist goals.

  11. I will keep a copy of these Class Policies and Student Responsibilities in my music binder.

Updated June 2019