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When Granite Bay High School Director of Theatre Arts Kyle Holmes coun’t find the play he wanted for his students,  he wrote it himself.

Holmes and co-writer David Taylor Gomes’ “Ranked, A New Musical,” debuted in April to enthusiastic audience reviews.

”Our upcoming class of students had a lot of standout, talented, amazing students,” Gomes said about why they decided to write the play. “We wanted (a production) that would give them all an opportunity to perform and show they best they can be,”

Fox 40: Granite Bay High School’s Prophetic Musical Centers on Life as a Teen and College Admissions

GRANITE BAY -- The whole point of Granite Bay High School's musical, "Ranked," is to shine an actual and figurative spotlight on what high school life can be like for the kids struggling through it today and how it might be different.

The first words of this musical were actually written back in May of 2018. By the time it was all over, it turned out to be much more prophetic about college admissions and scandal than anyone could have ever imagined.

BWW Review: RANKED, A NEW MUSICAL, Premieres at the Theatre At Granite Bay

David Taylor Gomes and Kyle Holmes have done it again. After collaborating on their 2017 musical comedy, Boxed Up: The Musical, they have joined forces at Granite Bay High School to present to you another original work. This time, in a serendipitous twist, Ranked, A New Musical debuted just weeks after news of the college admissions scandal broke. Ranked shockingly highlights the pressures that students today face to succeed.

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SNR: Testing the limits

Granite Bay High School introduces a timely new musical about the pressures of academic success just weeks after the national college admissions bribery scandal broke

By Sawyer Kemp

When we think of cutting edge, politically incisive theatre, one might think of Hamilton’s success on Broadway, or new works coming up through the indie scene of Chicago, Ashland or San Francisco. You probably don’t think of Granite Bay—but an original musical from local duo David Taylor Gomes and Kyle Holmes brings a national scandal right back where it began: The ’burbs.

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