Boxed Up

Boxed Up is an original musical theatre project developed by David Taylor (composer), Wesley Gomes (producer), and Joelle Robertson(producer). As residents of the Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) David and Wesley had a desire to bring musical theatre to WAL's monthly FiRSt Friday event. Recruiting fellow theatre professional Joelle, and a team of writers, the creative team conspired to put together an immersive episodic musical theatre experience. Boxed Up is a romantic comedy broken up into 6 episodes. Each episode will be performed 4 times during each FiRSt Friday event. 


BOXED UP, a brand new episodic romantic comedy musical, follows the story of Marnie, a lovable shut in, who uses home delivery services to remove the need for her to leave the house. But when a charming and a-dork-able delivery guy, Jake, stumbles into her life Marnie begins to wonder if her life is as perfectly balanced as she once thought. BOXED UP pokes fun at our modern obsession with technology and on demand service apps while fully embracing the musical theatre genre. It is also a unique theatrical experience that injects the short attention span of television viewing into a musical.

Music From the Show