Studio Policies


1. Tuition rates: Voice/Piano $180/month (1 weekly, 45 min. lesson), Add-On Lesson $40/each (1 additional monthly 45 min. lesson), Drop In Lesson $50/each (45 min.), & Audition Prep. $70/each (60 min.).

2. Tuition is billed monthly. The tuition billing period begins on the 1st (first) of each month. For convenience parents/students may elect to set up automatic payments. Automatic payments will be charged on the 5th (fifth) of each month.   

3. Tuition is due no later than the 7th (seventh) of each month regardless of cancelations, no-shows, or rescheduled classes. A tuition invoice will be sent prior to the monthly billing period start date. Tuition is for time reserved not lessons attended. Tuition will not be prorated due to cancelled or rescheduled classes.


4. Cancelled/Rescheduled classes must be rescheduled within the month they are cancelled/rescheduled. Make-up credit will be given by the instructor. Students/parents must use the portal to reschedule classes. Make-up credits will expire at the end of the month. No more than 2 make-up credits will be allowed per month. It is the Student/Parent’s responsibility to reschedule make-up classes, not the instructor's. 

5. Classes cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice are not eligible for make-up credit. 

6. Students/Parents who wish to end their enrollment at the studio must provide notice no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the next billing period. Refunds, prorates, or credits will not be provided if proper notice is not provided.

Leave of Absence

7. Students who wish to take a month or more off and retain their regular time slot must pay a holding fee of $80 per month. 


8. Classes will not be adjusted for late arrival. 

9. If a student is more than 15 minutes late for class the lesson will be considered cancelled. 

10. Parents/guardians of minors must remain in the vicinity of the studio during their child’s lesson. 

11. Parents are welcome to sit in on all lessons but should remember to maintain a quiet and respectful learning environment. 


12. Returned checks $35, Late Tuition $15, Holding Fee $80

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

13. Each parent or guardian should become familiar with these class policies regardless of  whether or not they are responsible for bringing students to their lessons.


14. Class cancelled/rescheduled by the instructor will be rescheduled or refunded as necessary by the instructor.

15. The studio will be closed for a week-long break 4 (four) times a year. These weeks will be Spring Break, 4th of July week, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas week. This will still give each student 48 lessons a year due to the 5th lesson a month that occurs 4 times a year.

16. Exceptions to the class policies are granted on a limited, case by case, basis. Please speak with your instructor if you have concerns regarding class policies. 


  • In addition to maintaining my private studio I work professionally with local theatre groups and high schools. As a working professional I am able to bring my experience back to the studio and share new ideas and inspiration with my students. Occasionally it may be necessary for me to rearrange my studio schedule to accommodate my non-studio work. These disruptions are generally temporary and of a short duration, usually lasting no more than a week.

  •  In the event of a personal vacation or prolonged absence, the instructor may appoint a substitute teacher rather than cancel or reschedule lessons. 

  • Class policies are subject to change without prior notice; however, students and parents will be afforded the opportunity to review new policies before they are implemented.

Revised: June 2019